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Social Justice
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  3. Nyaya Sthapana Abhiyan



“Nyaya Sthapana Abhiyan” was commenced on 25 September, 1990. Its main objectives are to establish the Justice in Society & Nation. Since then, Justice Establishment Campaign is being continuously operated by its Founder & Campaigners. This is a completely positive & peaceful campaign conducted through Public Consent by Democratic Way.

To establish the Justice as a Religion of Society & Nation, this is a universal religious campaign other than the Personal, Familial, Communal Characters. This Justice campaign is concerned with the mutual conduct among the Public.

We think that the Truth is compulsory for Person, Love is Compulsory for a Family, Justice is compulsory for a Society or a Nation. So, these four words Truth, Love, Justice & Goodness are being established by ‘Dharm Sansthapak Sangh’, which is a registered Trust at Haridwar. For the establishment of Justice, we are running the Justice Establishment Campaign by its part Institution, Nyaya Dharm Sabha.

Nyaya Dharm Sabha was officially founded in 2006. Nyaya Dharm Sabha is a Social Organization, which is free from every narrow-mindedness caused by language, area, caste, religion, group, color, sex discriminations, and it considers Social Justice as only religion of World Society. Nyaya Dharm Sabha has been founded to establish the Social & National Justice. It has only one purpose i.e. the Social & National welfare. Its goal is to establish the True & Real Justifiable Humanity of Human, Sociality of Society, Polity of Policies, Constitutionality of Constitution and Nationality of Nation.

Determining equal and proper Rights & Duties of People or Public & Government is called Justice. Rights take place before Duties. It means the Duties take birth from Rights, because the person who don't have any Right in his life, he will not be able to perform any Duty. So we should not expect any Duty from a person without giving him Justfiable Rights. That’s why Nyaya Dharm Sabha considers the Rights as the most important factor of human life before prescribing the Duties.



Dharm Sansthapak Sangh is the Directive Organization of Nyaya Dharm Sabha. Dharm Sansthapak Sangh considers the Religion as four dimensional and the base of this Religion is Scientific & Philosophic Trueness which prescribes the four bases of Religion i.e. Truth, Love, Justice & Goodness. The Truth is accepted for the welfare of Person. Love is accepted for the welfare of Family. Justice is accepted for the welfare of Society or Nation. Goodness is accepted for the welfare of World. Nyaya Dharm Sabha was founded by Dharm Sansthapak Sangh to establish the Social & National Justice for the welfare of the people. The concept of Nyaya Dharm Sabha was came with the start of the campaign of reestablishing and protecting the True and Real Religion on the earth. This campaign was started on 25th September 1990. But officially the working of Nyaya Dharm Sabha was started since 2006. A Referendum Campaign (Janmat Sangrah Abhiyaan) on 111 Justice Proposals prescribed to establish the Justice, was started in 2006. In 2011, Four Justice Establishment Plans were launched as Social Efforts. These plans were Education Plan (Vidhya Yojana), Enterprize Plan (Uddayam Yojana), Village Plan (Gram Yojana), Welfare Plan (Kalyana Yojana). Under the Welfare plan, We are conducting specially Social Banking, Social Insurance, Social Pension, Social Shelter.



Nyaya Dharm Sabha believes in the Justfiable Democracy, So it runs all the Campaigns very peacefully, publically and democratically. Any Social Institution or Political Party who is ready to accept the Justice and Justfiable Democracy, they can be with us without any hesitation. NDS believes in True & Real Justice. Universality, Independence, Freedom are the main characteristics of the Justfiable Democracy. In the same manner Equality and Appropriateness are the basic characteristics of Justice. The trueness of Soul prescribes the Equality and the Natural Virtue prescribes the Appropriateness. Equality and Appropriateness are combinedly known as Justice. Equality cannot be overlooked due to Appropriateness, and Appropriateness cannot be overlooked due to Equality, as the Soul and the Nature cannot be separated from each other in the World Creation. Everything in the World is a combination of Soul & Nature, Energy & Software.


Nyaya Dharm Sabha established to achieve the following motives(in brief) :-

  1. To establish the justice for the peace & prosperity of Society & Nation.
  2. To establish the Economic, Cultural, Behavioural & Spiritual Justice in Society.
  3. To establish the Justifiable Public Rights in the Nation as Education, Employment, Accommodation & Protection.
  4. To establish the Justifiable Human Rights in Society to achieve Virtue, Wealth, Pleasure & Health.
  5. To establish the Justifiable National Freedom by establishing the freedom of Land, Currency, Fisc, Constitution.
  6. To establish the Justifiable Panchayati National Structure as Village, District, Province, Country & World.
  7. To establish the Panchayati Virtuous Social Structure as Leader, Administrator, Commercial, Agro Worker & Criminal.
  8. To establish the Justifiable Triangular Economy in Society & Nation on the Earth.
  9. To establish the Justifiable Universal Nation by implementing all the 111 Justice Proposals prescribed by Shri Arvind ‘Ankur’ Ji, founder of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.



Nyaya Dharm Sabha is administered by a Working Committee. Any Person who has proved the required EQ Level Eligibility, that can be the Member of NDS Working Committee. All the Works & Programs are run by this Working Committee under the guidelines of the Directors’ Board of Organization.



Nyaya Dharm Sabha is governed by the Board of Directors prescribed by Dharm Sansthapak Sangh which is a Registered Trust under the Indian Trust Act. Working Committee of the NDS is meant to accept all the guidelines of this Board. The Board of Directors of NDS is meant to accept all the guidelines prescribed and issued by Dharm Sansthapak Sangh. If there is no separate board has been formed for NDS, the Board of Directors of Dharm Sansthapak Sangh will directly issue the guidelines to NDS Working Committee.



Nyaya Dharm is running following three types of campaign :

  1. Social Campaign
  2. Official/Legal Campaign
  3. Political Campaign





National Justice
Right of Education
Right of Employment
Right of Accommodation
Right of Protection
Right of Virtue
Right of Money
Right of Pleasure
Right of Health
Education Duty
Employment Duty
Accommodation Duty
Protection Duty
Education Budget
Employment Budget
Accommodation Budget
Protection Budget
Freedom of Land
Freedom of Currency
Freedom of Fisc
Freedom of Constitution
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