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Social Justice

Economic Justice


As Human being is a Social Creature, there are four fundamental needs of Human Life:

  1. Need of Life Subsistence
  2. Need of Life Culturizing
  3. Need of Life Respect
  4. Need of Life Salvation

To fulfill these four fundamental needs, there four levels of Justice are prescribed by Human Society.

  1. Economic Justice
  2. Cultural Justice
  3. Behavioral Justice
  4. Spiritual Justice

The detailed introduction of above four types of Justice is as below :

Economic Jusice

Economic Justice is concerned with the Food, Cloth, House & Other things necessary for the Human Life-Subsistence. The appropriate supply of Economic Requirement for Human Life-Subsistence is called Economic Justice. The appropriate availability of these Economic Resources for each member of Society is the Symptom of Justifiable Human Society. The Human Life-Subsistence becomes impossible in lack of these Economic Resources and Human Society faces severe problems like Poverty, Starvation, Indigence etc.

Cause of Economic Injustice

The basic cause of Economic Injustice is the governing system adopted by a Nation. Unjust Laws, Unjust Policies, Unjust Judgments are the basic cause of Economic Injustice. Due to this bad System, the following Vision becomes the Creator of Economic Injustice :

  1. Unjust Economy : A Justifiable Triangular Economy is the Fundamental Requirement of Economic Justice in Society & Nation. No Monopolistic System can establish the Economic Justice. The Justifiable Triangular Economy provides a Justifiable Distribution System whereby the Interest of all the three Investors may be secured justly. A Justifiable Distribution System is the basic requirement of Economic Justice in any Society or Nation.
  2. Unjust Economic Policy : The Unjust Employment Policy of any Government is the second basic cause of Economic Injustice. A Justifiable Employment Policy can easily remove the Economic Injustice from the Nation. There are four types of Employment Resources available in any Nation Agro, Commerce, Public Service, Leadership. Eligibility wise allocation of Employment Resource is the basic causes of Economic Justice. PQ for Agricultural Resource, IQ for Commercial Resource, EQ for Public Service, SQ for Leadership.
  3. Unjust Court : Any Nation cannot establish the Economic Justice through the Unjust Court. The Public Interest can only be saved through a Justifiable Court. The quick & immediate Judgment can save the Economic Interest of the Pubic.

Fields of Economic Justice

Followings are the four fields of Economic Justice :

  1. Food : Food is basic economic requirement of Human-being. Grains, Vegetable, Milk, Fruits etc are the edible things.
  2. Cloth : Cloth is the basic economic requirements of Human-being. Wearing Cloths, Beds, Decorative cloths and many other types of Cloths required to live the Human Life.
  3. House : House is the basic economic requirements of Human-being. Living rooms, Drying Room, Guest Room, Store Room, Kitchen, Lait-bath etc.
  4. Other Things : Other related things are also the basic economic requirements of Human-being. Furniture, Vehicles, Sports, Ornaments and many other useful things for living the Human Life.

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