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Social Justice
Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is the Justice known as a Principle ?
  2. What is the definition of Principle of Justice?
  3. Is the Justice easy to explain ?
  4. Why is the Justice required in the World ?
  5. Why is the Justice called Religion ?
  6. Is the Justice more important than Truth, Love & Goodness for Human being ?
  7. Is the Justice possible to establish in Society & Nation ?
  8. What is the difference between Society & Nation ?
  9. What is the difference between Social & National Justice ?
  10. How can the Justice be established in Society ?
  11. How can the Justice be established in Nation ?
  12. What is the difference between Justice & Judgement?
  13. How can we form a Justice based Constitution ?
  14. Are the Constitution of many Nations Justifiable?
  15. How can a Nation be assumed as Justifiable ?
  16. What is the role of Government in establishing the Justice ?
  17. What is the role of Public in establishing the Justice ?
  18. What is the difference between Human Justice & Wild Justice?
  19. Who can do the Justice ?
  20. Are the National Law, Policy & Judgement concerned with the Principle of Justice ?
  21. What are the benefits of Justice in a Society ?
  22. What are the benefits of Justice in a Nation ?
  23. How can the four National Public Rights be availed by Public?
  24. How can the National Public Rights be made available by the Governement ?
  25. Why is the Economical Justice most important among all Justices ?
  26. What are the bad effects of Injustice ?
  27. Can Justice be the cause of Unity ?
  28. Can the Justice unify the different Nations into a Single Universal Nation ?
  29. How can the dream of Universal Nation become a Reality ?
  30. May the thought of One Language, One Constitution, One Army, One Nation, One Religion be actualized ?
  31. May the Illiteracy, Poverty, Undevelopment, Fear be removed from the Society by the Justice ?
  32. May all the public be made educated, employed, accommodated & protected by the Justice ?
  33. May the possibility of Civil War, International War & World War be removed from Society through Justice ?
  34. May the Terrorism get end through the Justice ?
  35. May the Enviornmental Pollution be ended through Justice ?
  36. Had Justice ever remained on the Earth in past ?
  37. Does Justice exisit in any Society or Nation at present ?
  38. Would other Nations accept the Religion of Justice if it is accepted by any one Nation ?
  39. How the Religion of Justice different from other Religions known as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai, Jain, Baudh, Parasi, Bahaai ?
  40. Is Justice against the Rich People ?
  41. Can the Justice remove the Castism, Genderism, Colorism, Communalism, Capitalism, Communism, Imperialism, Mornarchy, Dynasty etc from the Society & Nation ?


National Justice
Right of Education
Right of Employment
Right of Accommodation
Right of Protection
Right of Virtue
Right of Money
Right of Pleasure
Right of Health
Education Duty
Employment Duty
Accommodation Duty
Protection Duty
Education Budget
Employment Budget
Accommodation Budget
Protection Budget
Freedom of Land
Freedom of Currency
Freedom of Fisc
Freedom of Constitution
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