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Social Justice

Voter Membership Application

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Rules & Regulations: I accept all Rules & Regulations.
Please read the Rules & Regulations given below.
Rules & Regulations:
  1. Nyaya Dharm Sabha whether it may be Social, National or Political, its aim is to establish the True & Real Justice in Society & Nation.
  2. Nyaya Dharm Sabha believes in Democratic Governance System, so its every Activity & Program will be based on Democracy, but this Democracy will mean to be merit based.
  3. To save the Democratic Values, Nyaya Dharm Sabha has launched the Voter Membership Campaign for Referendum among the Public. Anyone who has been entitled to vote in the elections by Election Commission of the Nation, that will be permitted to have the Voter Membership of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.
  4. Nyaya Dharm Sabha is collecting the Votes to prove the majority in Public. This Voter Membership Campaign will continue until the 51% or 66% majority whichever will be required for Ammendment of the Constitution for the Implementation of True & Real Justice as per 111 Proposals of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.
  5. A written Legal Consent should be provided by the Voter Member to prove his Vote in favour of Nyaya Dharm Sabha, and a Commitment that 'Nyaya Dharm Sabha is authorized to submit My Vote along with the other Members' Votes in a bunch in fovour of itself or any Person or Party which will be ready to accept & implement the Just Manifesto of Nyaya Dharm Sabha, in a written Agreement.'
  6. Nyaya Dharm Sabha will decide, whether its Competent Candidate will be nominated for Election or it will support to any Person or Party to contest in favour of Nyaya Dharm Sabha. The Competency of the Nominated Candidate will be examined openly by Nyaya Dharm Sabha as per the prescribed Justifiable Criteria.
  7. After being the Voter Member of Nyaya Dharm Sabha, nobody will cast his vote in favour of any Person or Party which is unrecognized/unconnected with the Nyaya Dharm Sabha. As Nyaya Dharm Sabha doesn't believe in confidential Voting, therefore the open Voting System will be adopted by our Voter Members whether it may be through the Written Consents or Raising Hands or Online. The Written Consent will be meant as a Power of Attorney to cast the Vote as Representative. After submitting this Application form of Voter Membership, this Content will sustain.
  8. Nyaya Dharm Sabha will represent all its members to vote unanimously in a bunch in fovour of any Person or Party contesting the Elections declared by Election Commission of the Nation.
  9. Our Voter Members will also be permitted to become a member of our Working Committee (Karyakarini) & they will also be allowed to be appointed as Member of Board of Directors (Sanchalak Mandal) of Nyaya Dharm Sabha, through Eligibility Test prescribed & conducted by Nyaya Dharm Sabha. These two types of Worker Members are to go through an open Competitive Selection Process of NDS.
  10. The Board will declare the Selection or Election process time to time as it may be required. The tenure of Board is five years and the Coram of Board is Five Members. If any Member of Board gets disqualified in the mid term, then only that member will be elected to fulfil the Coram of Five Members.
  11. Member of Board of Directors will have to face two proceedings for being appointed. First proceeding will be Competitive Process and second proceeding will be Voting Election Process. This Selection & Election Processes will be compulsory by the Board of Directors.
  12. There will be two types of Voter Membership - Worker & General. Every Worker Voter Member of Nyaya Dharm Sabha will be permitted & held responsible to submit at least 100 new Voter Members (General/Worker Voter Members) onwards and to make aware & inform about NDS Campaigns to establish the True & Real Justice in Society & Nation and benefits thereof. A Worker Voter Member having support of 100 members of any particular Group, Institution, Union, Organization, Area etc will be entitled to be a Member of Social Parliament if approved by the NDS Board of Directors.
  13. All the Members of Working Committee or Board of Directors will be meant as Volunteers (Swayamsevi), therefore no members will be paid any Wages or Salaries or any other emoluments.
  14. The above Rules prescribed herein are under the conditions of Modification, Revision, Addition, Deletion by Board of Directors (Nyaya Dharm Sabha) on the basis of True & Real Justice.
National Justice
Right of Education
Right of Employment
Right of Accommodation
Right of Protection
Right of Virtue
Right of Money
Right of Pleasure
Right of Health
Education Duty
Employment Duty
Accommodation Duty
Protection Duty
Education Budget
Employment Budget
Accommodation Budget
Protection Budget
Freedom of Land
Freedom of Currency
Freedom of Fisc
Freedom of Constitution
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