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Social Justice



Meaning & Importance of Justice

Justice means the 'Equality' & 'Appropriateness'. These two words are combinedly known as the 'Justice'. Spiritual Soul is the base of Equality. Natural Quality is the base of Appropriateness. These both words are combinedly use to explain the word ‘Justice’. Thus, the Justice may be explained as Equi-appropreiateness.
The Justifiable interest of every Member of Society or the every Resident of Nation can only be saved through the Justice. The Equality & Quality if being combined, it can run the Society & Nation successfully. So, the Justice is the base and Religion of Society & Nation.

Field of Justice

There are two fields of Justice

  1. Social Justice
  2. National Justice


Social Justice

Human being is a Social Creature. Human Society needs the Religion of Justice to fulfill the Human needs. Here the Religion means a System in which a Society is managed to fulfill the following four requirements. The complete Infrastructure of a Social System depends upon these four Human needs :-

  1. Need of Life Subsistence
  2. Need of Life Culturizing
  3. Need of Life Respect
  4. Need of Life Salvation

The above four types of Human Needs can only be fulfilled by a Justifiable Social System which may be consist of the following Justifiable Social Infrastructure :-

  1. Economic Infrastructure
  2. Cultural Infrastructure
  3. Behavioural Infrastructure
  4. Spiritual Infrastructure

Form of Social Justice

On the basis of above Justful Social Infrastructure the following form of Justice can only be prescribed by the Human Society :-

  1. Economic Justice
  2. Cultural Justice
  3. Behavioural Justice
  4. Spiritual Justice

The detailed introduction of above four types of Justice is as below :

1. Economic Justice
Economic Justice is concerned with the Food, Cloth, House & Other things necessary for the Human Life Subsistence. If these needs of every Member of Society can be fulfilled Equally & appropriately, the Economic Justice may be considered as implemented. This is the First Step of Social Justice Implementation Campaign of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.

2. Cultural Justice
Cultural Justice is concerned with the Name, Shape, Virtue & Other things necessary for the Human Life Culturizing. If these needs of every Member of Society can be fulfilled Equally & Appropriately, the Cultural Justice may be considered as implemented. This is the Second Step of Social Justice Establishment Campaign of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.

3. Behavioral Justice
Behavioral Justice is concerned with the Value, Dignity, Post & Other things necessary for the Human Life Respect. If these needs of every Member of Society can be fulfilled Equally & Appropriately, the Behavioral Justice may be considered as implemented. This is the Third Step of Social Justice Establishment Campaign of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.

4. Spiritual Justice
Spiritual Justice is concerned with the Vision, Direction, Guidelines & Other things necessary for Human Life Salvation. If these needs of every Member of Society can be fulfilled Equally & Appropriately, the Spiritual Justice may be considered as implemented. This is the Fourth Step of Social Justice Establishment Campaign of Nyaya Dharm Sabha.


National Justice

A Civilized Society creates a Civilized Nation. Justice is the base of Civility. A Justice based Society is the mother of Justice based Nation. Without Justice, no Society can remove its wildness. Justice is the cause of Humanity. Only Justice can save the Nationality of a Nation, Constitutionality of a Constitution. Sociology says that a Man is a Social Animal. His Humanity & Sociality depend upon the Principle of Justice.


Base of National Justice

The base of National Justice is a Scientific & Philosophic Principle which is explained by two words combinedly– Equality & Quality. This is the True & Real Principle of Justice. This True & Real Justice is the base of a Civilized Nation. No Nation can become civilized without Justice. A Philosophic & Scientific Vision prescribes that everything in the world is made of only one element. This only element is known as Energy which emerges from Space i.e. Universal Soul. We know that every matter is a condensed form of Energy. It is well prescribed by Modern Science. Therefore, everyone is the same thing by its Soul. This Scientific Visionary Truth prescribes this Principle of Justice which explains that everyone has the same & appropriate Rights as any other has. This is a clear base to prescribe the Rights & Duties of the Public. This Justice is explained by two words – Equality & Appropriateness. These both words combinedly explain the True & Real meaning of Justice. In Hindi language, we explain the Justice by a word ‘Samuchit’. This word is also made of two combined words ‘Sam + Uchit’. The ‘Sam’ word represents the Soul and ‘Uchit’ word represents the Nature. Human being is an existence of a good combination of Soul & Nature. Soul prescribes Equality, and Nature prescribes Quality. This equality & quality combinedly prescribe the Justice among Public.


Religion of Nation

Any Civilized Nation can only adopt the Religion of Justice. No other Religion can make any Nation civilized. A Justice based Nation can only survive peacefully. Joy & Peace is the result of Justice. Religion is the base of Relation among the Public. Without Religion, no Relation can be established. The True & Real Justice is the only Religion of a Nation. After leaving the Justice in a Nation, no other Religion can assure the survival of Humanity and removal of Wildness. This Wildness can only be removed by the True & Real Justice. Many Religions named as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Baudh, Parasi, Bahaii cannot replace the True & Real Religion of Justice in a Nation. No Imaginary Religion can take the place of Scientific principle based Religion. In the private matters, anybody can live its own life according to its imaginations. But, nobody can impose his imaginary Religion on the others. Freedom of private matters can be allowed for any Person, Family, Community etc. Now, it is very clear that no compulsion of any Religion can be prescribed for the private matters of anybody but Mutual Behavior always requires a Scientific Principle based Religion.


Symptoms of National Justice

The Nation is governed by three elements- Law, Policy, Judgment. So the Government is divided into three parts- Legislature, Ministry, Court. All these three parts of the Government should be based on the Great Principle of Justice. Accordingly, there are three Symptoms of National Justice as follows :

  1. Justifiable Laws
  2. Justifiable Policies
  3. Justifiable Judgment


Structure of a Just Nation

Any Nation which is based on the Principle of True & Real Justice that itself becomes Universal. The National Government & National Structure can adopt the Panchayati System to become True & Realistic. The Panchayati National Structure prescribed by the Principle is respectively known as Village, District, Province, Country, World. Also the three parts of the Government may be based on Panchayati Pranali to be known as Panchayati Legislature, Panchayati Ministry, Panchayati Judiciary.


Victoriosity of a Justifiable Nation

The True & Real Justifiable Nation cannot be defeated by any Power. We know the Slogan ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Truth is always Winner. The True & Real Justice can not be defeated by anybody. Undefeatability of True & Real Justice based Nation gives a Supremacy all over the World.


Constitution of a Justifiable Nation

A Book of Justifiable Laws, Policies & Judgments is called Constitution. This Book contains the Fundamental Structure of Nation and Government. Also, it contains the guidelines to prepare the Rules, Policies, Decisions. All the Rules, Regulations, Directions, Guidelines etc to govern & manage a Nation on the Principle of True & Real Justice is known as Constitution.


Economy of a Justifiable Nation

The True & Real Justice based Nation will itself be based on Justifiable Economy. Here Economy means ‘Arthvyvastha’ i.e a system of Economic activities. A Justifiable Economy is a triangular Economy because there are three realistic means of production in any Economic Enterprise. These three means of production are known as- Labor, Capital, Facilities. The Laborer invests his Labor, the Capitalist invests his Capital, the Government invests its Facilities. All these three parts has the same importance in the Enterprise. No Production is possible without the combination of these three investors. Accordingly, on the principle of Justice, all these three has the Equal Ownership of the Enterprise. Every Production should be divided into three equal parts as per the Justice. This Policy of distribution may there be useful where the cost of production may be difficult to calculate.
The Other way of distribution may be defined in an another way. The Original Cost of Production of all these three should separately be paid and the remaining production should be accepted as Profit of the Enterprise and this total net profit should be distributed among these three owners equally.
This Justifiable Triangular Economy will be the True & Real Economy of Justifiable Nation. This Justifiable Triangular Economy will remove all the Economies presently adopted by the Nations. These Unjustifiable Economies are known as Marxism, Laninism, Maoism, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Statism, and Imperialism.


Universality of a Justifiable Nation

Any Nation which will accept the True & Real Principle of Justice as a basis of a Nation that will become Universal itself. Other Nations & Citizens will accept it justifiable Laws, Policies & Judgment voluntarily. There will be no war among the Nation after accepting the True & Real Justice. The Philosophic & Scientific Principle of Justice will remove all the Disputes, Wars, Harms etc. If any National Government does not accept this principle of Justice, the Citizen of that Nation will leave that Government, they will not support their Government because they will know that their National Government is unjustifiable and criminal. In future, No Government will survive without implementing the Justice in its Nation. They will lose the support of their Citizen because there will be a practical example of Justifiability in front of them. If any Nation will be based on this principle of Justice, it will become a great example for the Whole World and this Nation will become a leader for all other Nations of the World.



National Justice
Right of Education
Right of Employment
Right of Accommodation
Right of Protection
Right of Virtue
Right of Money
Right of Pleasure
Right of Health
Education Duty
Employment Duty
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Freedom of Land
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