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Nyay Dharm Sabha

(A Unit of Dhram Sansthapak Sangh, Registered Trust)
Jagjeetpur, Kankhal,
Haridwar (Uttarakhand)-249408
Ref : 35/2012-15                                                                                     Date : 15-08-2012

Shri Manmohan Singh Ji
Hon'ble Prime Minister
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Subject : Request for launching ‘Digital Currency’ to remove Corruption, Black Money and Fake                Currency in the market.

Respected Sir,

We want to draw your kind attention towards the huge Movements run by some social activists against the Corruption and Black Money. In fact every Citizen as well as the Government has been fed up with the dangerous situation of Corruption and Black Money. Even our Economic System has been badly damaged by these problems. Not only these two problems are dangerous, but also the Fake Currency has become a big problem for our National Economy.
Now we have come to know through the Newspapers that the Government is going to launch the Plastic Currency to face the problem of Fake Currency in the market spread up by some Gangs of Criminals and Terrorists from Inland and Foreign.

These above said three problems of Corruption, Black Money and Fake Currency in our Country are required to be solved at the earliest, if we want the Economic Development of our Country. But these problems are so typical that these can not be solved through the Penal Codes, because Penal Codes can only penalize the Persons, but it can not solve the problems. Gandhi Ji has said that ’Paap se ghrina karo, paapi se nahi’.  So we require the solution of those ‘Reasons’ which are responsible for Corruption, Black Money and Fake Currency. Actually the Reason is to be removed, and the Person is not to be penalized. The basic reason of Corruption on the Governmental Posts is the Appointment of Non-Eligible Persons as the eligibility required for the Posts. If the eligible persons can be appointed on the Posts according to the actual required eligibility for the Posts, the problem of Corruption will certainly not arise. But, if it is not possible earliest then a good suggestion is to Launch the Digital Currency in our Country. In the present circumstances, this is very much possible and easy to do so. Today we are living in the Electronic Age. Almost every citizen of the Nation is holding the Electronic Mobile Phone. Other than Mobile Phones, the other Electronic Equipments can be installed in every Village to operate the Monetary Transaction, even every shopkeeper may install the required Equipment and it can be made available by the Government at very cheap value.

We, therefore, request you to launch the Digital Currency in place of Paper, Plastic or Metal Currency in our Nation. This Digital Currency will surely solve the Problem of Corruption, Black Money and Fake Currency in the market. Any intelligent Person can understand thoroughly the importance of Digital Money to solve all these three problems. Other than these problems the Digital Currency can benefit us in many fields of life as below :-

  1. The Cost of printing of Currencies and Casting of Coins has been very expensive. Many Crores of Rupees are being expended on the Operation of Currency. The Digital Currency can be operated easily without any expense through the Internet and Electronic Equipments.
  2. Through the Digital Currency every Transaction of Money will be on Records, whereby the every Transaction can be identified easily. Every Purchase & Sale can be identified. Every Give and Take can be identified. So any Governmental Department like IT, ST, Revenue, Police, CBI or others may investigate and identify the real things to control the theft of Taxes & Revenues.
  3. Also we will not require any Lokpal or other Commanding Agency to control the Corruption, Black Money and Fake Currency in the market. Many Locks of Solutions may be opened through a single Key of Digital Currency.
  4. It is sure that the 100% Monetary Corruption will be stopped immediately after launching the Digital Currency, and Corruption through other things will also be controlled maximum because every Sale & Purchase of things will be traceable and on record through Digital Currency.
  5. Its very clear that the Digital Money can provide a Great Facility and Safety, Security to the Nation and its Economy. The problems of Missing, Destroying, Pick-pocketing, Theft, Decoity, Transporting, Handling, Counting, Storing etc of Money, will also be solved through adopting Digital Currency.

In the present Electronic Age when we are using the Electronic Voting Machines for elections, then why should we not use the Electronic Transaction Machines for Money Transactions. At every place of Transaction, these Machines can be used. Some Banks and Shopkeepers have started to use some Electronic Equipments for their Monetary Transactions. Some Mobile Operators are also providing a few facilities like Payments of Electric Bills, Telephone Bills etc.
We have gone through a news in some Newspapers that a European Country, perhaps Sweden, has declared to launch the Digital Currency. Accordingly we should go to be a Nation of Digital Money, which is very beneficial for us.

Now the Digital Money is very practical thing in the present scenario. This can stop these Blind and Meaningless Movements run by some people, which are itself become big problems for the Country. Therefore, please take this letter not as a suggestion, but as a request to launch the Digital Currency at the earliest in the Country to solve the problems and fast Development of Economy of the Nation, and to stop the Movements against Government.
Please also give the response of this letter explaining your views and being taken steps on the subject.

Thanking you in anticipation!

Yours faithfully!
Arvind 'Ankur'
(Nyaya Dharm Sabha)

CC :

  1. Shri Pranav Mukharjee, Hon’ble President of India.
  2. Shri P Chidambaram, Hon’ble Finance Minister of India.
  3. Shri D Subbarao, Hon’ble Governor of Reserve Bank of India.
  4. Shri Montak Singh Ahluwalia, Vice President of Planning Commission.
  5. Smt. Sonia Gandhi, President Indian National Congress, India.
  6. Shri Nitin Gadkari, President Bhartiya Janta Party, India.
  7. Shri Anna Hazare, Social Activist, Ralegan Siddhi, Ambedkarnagar (Maharashtra).
  8. Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Social Activist, India Against Corruption, Ghaziabad.
  9. Ms. Kiran Bedi, Social Activist, India Against Corruption, Ghaziabad.
  10. Shri Manish Sisodia, Social Activist, India Against Corruption, Ghaziabad.
  11. Baba Ramdev, Patanjal Yogpeeth, Haridwar.
  12. Shri Anil Verma, CA & Social Activist (RSS), Haridwar.

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