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NDS WC Membership Conditions

Working Committee Officers

1. National Working Committee
Name: Dr. Ashok Kabra ji
Post: Incharge of Working Committee & National Campaign
Location: Malkapur, Maharastra
Mobile No.: 09421469170
Email Address :
Name: Shri Ram Naresh Gupta ji
Post: Media Incharge
Address: Uttam Nagar, Delhi
Mobile : 08506018575
Email Address :
2. State Level Working Committee
Name: Shri Madhur Mohan Mishra Ji
Post: State Incharge, Chattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh
Address : Mandala, MP
Mobile : 09425878568
Email Address :
Name: Shri Lakhvinder Ji
Post: State Incharge, Uttarakhand & Punjab
Address : Rudrapur, Uttarakhand
Mobile : 08791165365
Email Address :
Name: Smt. Anju Gholve ji
Post: State Incharge, Maharastra
Address : Nagpur, Maharastra
Mobile : 09860571868
Email Address :
3. District Level Working Committee
Name: Shri Rakesh Kumar Sahu(Gagan) ji
Post: District Incharge, District Durg
Address : Durg, Chattisgarh
Mobile : 09425245326
Email Address :
Name: Shri Anurag Tiwari Ji
Post: District Incharge, Jabalpur
Address : Jabalpur, MP
Mobile No. : 09300125660
Email Address :
Name: Shri Rajkumar Agarwal ji
Post: District Incharge, Satna
Address : Satna, MP
Mobile No. : 09981389951
Email Address :
Name: Shri Sanat Pandey ji
Post: District Incharge, Rewa
Address : Satna, MP
Mobile No. : 09752439715
Email Address :
  Name: Shri Ravindra Kumar Ji
Post: District Incharge, Haridwar
Address : Haridwar, Uttarakhand
Mobile No. : 09758209091
  Name: Shri Chandrakant Sahu Ji
Post: District Incharge, Balod (Tehsil Currently)
Address : Kaker, Chattisgarh
Mobile No. : 07723091971, 09303258789
Name: Shri Kuldeep Chauhan ji
Post: District Incharge, Rudrapur
Address : Rudrapur, UK
Mobile No. : 07500499556
Email Address :
Name: Shri Rajendra ji
Post: District Incharge, Bijonre
Location : Bijnore, UP
Mobile No. : 09761909442
Email Address :NA
4. Tehsil Level Working Committee
Name: Shri Chandrasheker ji
Post: Tehsil Incharge, Dharmpur
Location : Dhampur, UP
Mobile No. : 9058283535
Email Address
Name: Shri Purushottam Chadar ji
Post: Tehsil Incharge, Shahpur
Location : Shahpur, MP
Mobile No. : 09993025443
4. Village Level Working Committee



Signature Campaign of NDS
  Name: Shri Jyot Prakash Mishra ji
Location : Bandhwa, Tahirpur, Trivenipuram, Jhusi, Allahabad, UP
Mobile No. : 08765841010
National Justice
Right of Education
Right of Employment
Right of Accommodation
Right of Protection
Right of Virtue
Right of Money
Right of Pleasure
Right of Health
Education Duty
Employment Duty
Accommodation Duty
Protection Duty
Education Budget
Employment Budget
Accommodation Budget
Protection Budget
Freedom of Land
Freedom of Currency
Freedom of Fisc
Freedom of Constitution
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