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Social Justice

Our Mission


Our Periodic Mission for Justice Establishment

  1. To establish the True & Real Justice in India by 2025.
  2. To establish the True & Real Justice in India by 2025.


Our Expectations

  1. To save the Public from Illiteracy by providing them the proper Education & Training.
  2. To save the Public from Poverty by providing them the proper Employment resource.
  3. To save the Village from backwardness by providing them the proper Accommodation Facilities like Roads, Water & Electricity Supply, Communication, Transportation, Parks etc.
  4. To save the Public from fear, disease, damage by providing them proper medical security, insurance, banking, pension, shelter etc.
  5. To save the Nation from severe crimes like Corruption, Blank Money, Fake Currency, Tax Evasion and other Monetary Crimes by establishing the Digital Currency System in the Nation.
  6. To save the Nation from being looted through FDI, Foreign Loans, Foreign Aids etc by establishing the Balanced Monetary Liquidizing System.
  7. To save the Nation from being exploited by Interest on Currency by implementing the Loadless Currency Operating System.
  8. To save the public from Multiple Taxation System by establishing the Single Revenue System (1/3 of GDP) auto deductible at Bank Credits in Citizenís Bank Account @ 1% approximately.
  9. To save the Interest of all the three parts of Economic Enterprise by establishing the Justifiable Triangular Economy in Society & Nations.
  10. To save the Nation from indisciplinity by establishing the four Identifications at the time of birth as Citizen Code, Bank Account, Phone & Email ID, Combined Biodata.
  11. To save the Public from the Bad Social Organizations by establishing the eligible Institution for proper Social Cause.
  12. To save the Cultural Values of the Human Society & Nation by establishing the Justifiable Three Grade Media Institutions.
  13. To save the Public from being harassed by complexity of Laws, Courts & Administration by establishing easy Civil & Criminal Laws.
  14. To save the Public & Nation from Castism by establishing the Justifiable Eligibility based Posting System.
  15. To Save the Public & Nation from Bad Democratic Politics by establishing the Autocratic System i.e. Swanushasan Pranali through Social Parliament (Samajik Sansad)
  16. To save the World by establishing the Justifiable Universal Nation based on Panchayati Structure as Village, District, Province, Country and World.


Establishment of True & Real Justice (Main Features)

Our Basic Mission is to establish the True & Real Justice in the Worldwide Society & Nation. This Mission can only be accomplished by the following Activities :-

  1. To Establish and Protect the Religion of Justice as the Fundamental Base of Practice and System of India & whole World.
  2. To run the Campaign of Implementing the Manifesto of Justice consisting 111 Justice Proposals issued by Nyaya Dharm Sabha in India & whole World.
  3. To run the Programs & Activities necessary for the establishment of Economic, Cultural, Behavioural and Spiritual Justice in India & whole World
  4. To Establish and Protect the Fundamental Human Rights of Virtue, Wealth, Pleasure, Health justifiably in India & whole World.
  5. To Establish & Protect the Justifiable Public Rights of Education, Employment, Accommodation & Protection in India & whole World..
  6. To Organize the Panchayati Form of National Structure & System into five organs as Village Nation, District Nation, Province Nation, Country Nation and World Nation in India & whole World.
  7. To actualize the good dreams of World Fraternity & World Family by developing the Unity, Brotherhood, Familiness through one Nationality, one Constitution, one Army, one Currency, one Language, one Religion etc by establishing the Justifiability in India & Whole World.
  8. To establish the Justful good form of Education Policy, Employment Policy, Accommodation Policy, Protection Policy in India & Whole World.
  9. To enlighten the true existence of Person, Family, Village & Creation by giving the Justifiable System in India & Whole World.
  10. To establish the Justifiable good form of Education Policy, Employment Policy, Accommodation Policy, Protection Policy in India & Whole World.
  11. To establish the Justifiable Revenue, Taxation, Budget & Banking Policy in India & Whole World.
  12. To manage the justifiable distribution of Work, Post & Property in India & Whole World.
  13. To establish the True & Real National Freedom by Freedom of Land, Freedom of Currency, Freedom of Fisc, Freedom of Constitution.
  14. To establish Justifiable Virtuous Democracy in place of Monarchy, Dynasty & Party based unjustifiable Dominative System, so as to appoint the eligible person on the basis of Developed Capacity, Educational Qualification, Character Virtues & Work Skills for the Public Leadership in India & World.
  15. To establish & protect the 'Lok Panchayat' System of Leadership in the form of Social Parliament (Samajik Sansad) to create the Autocracy (Swashasan) in India & Whole World.
  16. To solve the dangerous problems of Border Disputes, Terrorism, Increasing Weapons, Bad Assault, Bad War, Kidnapping, Loot, Dacaity, Murder, Rape, Exploitation, Domination, Harassment, Poverty, Illiteracy, Lack of Facilities, Insecurity etc generated by Injustice in India & Whole World.





National Justice
Right of Education
Right of Employment
Right of Accommodation
Right of Protection
Right of Virtue
Right of Money
Right of Pleasure
Right of Health
Education Duty
Employment Duty
Accommodation Duty
Protection Duty
Education Budget
Employment Budget
Accommodation Budget
Protection Budget
Freedom of Land
Freedom of Currency
Freedom of Fisc
Freedom of Constitution
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