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Social Justice

Program & Activities


Organized 3 Days Seminar on "Justice Implementation" by NDS
Started on : 23 May 2014
Programs : An open Public Meeting organized by NDS for 3 Days on different National & Social Issues.
Activities : An open Public Meeting has been organized for 3 days in the Headoffice of Nyaya Dharm Sabha in Jagjeetpur, Kankhal, Haridwar on different National & Social Problems. Being started the seminar, Shri Guru ji has published the 111 proposal made by Nyaya Dharm Sabha to resolve the Economical, National and Social problems from India & World. Shri Guru ji has declared Digital Currency System as a Magic Stick to remove Corruption, Black Money, Fake Currency, Tax Evasion and other Monetary Crimes from Society & Nation. By addressing the public, Shri Guru ji has also mentioned that Digital Currency can be operated with "No Expense" and the expenses that comes on printing & securing the paper currency can be saved and invested on other urgent Public Interest.
Results : NDS has published the 111 Proposal booklet made to resolve the Economical, National & Social Problems. Also, Shri Guru ji has addressed Media personnels to implement Digital Currency System in Nation.
Organized First Justice Journey by NDS
Started on : 18 March 2014
Programs : The Advant of Justice Journey for Public Awareness about the Justice.
Activities : A rally has been organized in Jagjeetpur and its near areas which is led by Dr. Ashok Kabra ji. Also, Local Members of NDS have participated in the rally with Justice quoted posters & banner in order make Public Awareness about the Real form of Justice.
Results : NDS begins the Justice Journey which will be operated in all over India in next 5 years. Also, Local people have particiated in the rally and join the moment of Justice Journey.

Social Parliament & Advent of Justice Journey

Started on : 8-9 February 2014
Programs : A Seminar has been organized by Nyaya Dharm Sabha on Feb 8-9, 2014. In this seminar, Shri Guru ji has publishhed the Manifesto of Nyaya Dharm Sabha. Also, Shri Guru ji has annouced the formation of Universal Social Parliament and the beginning of Justice Journey to disseminate "Social Justice" in Society. 
Activities : Shri Guru ji has addressed the seminar and said that any Individual or Organization can be a member of Social Parliament. An Indidual or Organization can be a Social Parliamentarian if he/she can collect or achieve the written consent of 100 members. Now, People are collecting consent from each states to form a Social Parliament.
Result : We are getting request for registration from all over India through website with Introducer Membership Code for their membership at Nyaya Dharm Sabha.
Press Conference on Digital Currency System
Started on : 23 September 2012
Programs : A press conference & seminar has been arranged on 23-09-2012 for launching the Digital Currency Implementation Agitation.
Activities : Many Journalists of Print & Electronic Media participated in the Program and many members of Organization were also present on the occasion. The program was organized in the premise of Dharm Sansthapak Sangh meeting hall.
Results : Awareness to the Public & other Responsible Persons like Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Nitin Gadkari etc and many Government Officials like Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh Ji, Finance Minister Shri P. Chidambaram, RBI Governor Shri D. Subba Rao and Social Activists like Shri Anna Hazre, Shri A. Kejriwal, Shri Manish Sisodiya, Shri Baba Ramdev about the Digital Currency System.
Digital Currency Campaign
Started on :     15th August 2012
Programs :  

Many Meetings among the members of NDS have been conducted.
Seminars & Press Conferences have been arranged.
Plans for Branding of the Campaign have been made.
Social sites Facebook, Twitter etc have been adopted to develop the Campaign.
Many People joined the Digital Currency Campaign online.

Activities  :  

Many Books & Booklets have been written and some of them got  printed on the Progam of Digital Currency.
Many Pamphlets & Circulars have been printed & distributed among the Public.
Many letters have been sent to the National & Social Icons  concerned with the Economic matter.
Other promotional activities operated.

Results   :

1. Public awareness has been made at the local & outside levels.
Through Media & Social sites on Internet, the Campaign have been spread over the Nation. Other many activities are going on through phones & other mediums.

2. Got postive reply from Reserve Bank of India appreciating our concern of Digital Currency System and welcoming our suggestions to install the electronic transaction machine on every shop & offices whereever money transaction may be involved. Also this suggestion has been actualized by deployment of these machines in the shops having the current accounts in Bank.

3. Got positive reply from Shri Anna Hazare, the well know Social Activists & Campaigner of India Against Corruption. He agreed that the Digital Currency System will be an effective instrument to control the Corruption because account to account transfer of money will be transparent transaction system.


Referendum Campaign

Started on :

8th January 2006

Programs :  

Many Meetings, Seminars & Press Conferences have been arranged.
Survey Teams have been organized.
Many People joined the Referendum Campaign and done the survey in surrounding areas of Haridwar. Outside Members have been doing the survey in their areas like Allahabad, Satna, Reeva, Jabalpur, Durg, Bhilai, Delhi etc.

Activities  :  

Many Books & Booklets have been written and some of them got printed. Many Pamphlets & Circulars have been printed & distributed among the Public. Other promotional activities operated.

Results     :   

Public awareness has been formed in the local & outside levels.
In many Districts & States, More than 10,000 survey forms have got filled from the Special & General Public.


Justice Promotional Campaign
Started on :  

25 January 1999

Programs :

Many Meetings have been arranged.
and Working Committe has been formed.
Many Members Joined the Campaign

Activities  :  

Some Pamphlets got printed & circulated.
Other promotional activities operated.

Results     : At the Local level, Public got awared about the Social & National Justice, its meaning & importance.

National Justice
Right of Education
Right of Employment
Right of Accommodation
Right of Protection
Right of Virtue
Right of Money
Right of Pleasure
Right of Health
Education Duty
Employment Duty
Accommodation Duty
Protection Duty
Education Budget
Employment Budget
Accommodation Budget
Protection Budget
Freedom of Land
Freedom of Currency
Freedom of Fisc
Freedom of Constitution
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