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Social Justice

Our Vision

Visionary Base of Justice

Nyaya Dharm Sabha is based on the True & Real Vision. The Visionary Principle prescribed by Wisdom & Science, so far that has been fully & finally accepted by NDS. The world is consist of two things. One is the Soul and second is the Nature. These two things are called the 'Brahm' and 'Maya' in Sanskrit language. The Soul is indivisible and the nature is divisible. The Soul is one and the Nature is several. The Soul is God and Nature is Desire. The God and its Desire is combinedly creating the world. So both of them, are the basic things to decide any Rule & Regulation, Law & Policy of the Worldly System. Our Society or Nation requires these two things combinedly to manage its System properly. The Vision of Soul prescribes the basis of Equality and the Vision of Nature prescribes the basis of appropriateness. This Equality & Appropriateness are combinedly accepted to create the Justice in Society and Nation.

Definition of Visionary Justice

The Justice can be defined by the two Words - Equality & Appropriateness. Both these words may combinedly be known as Justice. Without Equality no Appropriateness can be proved Justifiable. In the same way, without Appropriateness no Equality can be proved Justifiable. A combination of these two words can establish the True & Real Justice. In Hindi Language, ‘Equality’ means 'Sam' and ‘Appropriate’ means 'Uchit'. Thus, both of these words are known by a single word 'Samuchit' in Hindi. The Soul & Nature combinedly work to create the World. In the same way, this World can only be managed through Equality & Appropriateness combinedly. These both words Equality & Appropriateness are explained as under :-

1. Equality

Soul is Equal & One. The Soul cannot be divided into two or more parts. Soul is the indivisible space. It is spread all over the Universe. Each & Every particle of the Universe is situated in the same Soul. The Soul is also situated in every particle of the Universe. So the base of Equality is Soul which cannot be avoided by any reason to prescribe the Justice.

2. Appropriateness

Nature is the other thing which is the base of Appropriateness. Name, Shape, Quality, Utility etc are known as Nature. The Nature can be defined as the Software used in Computer. Without Software, the Computer cannot run. In the same way, without Nature the Soul cannot run the World. Every Unit of Creation is a combination of Soul & Nature. Soul needs Name, Shape, Quality, Utility etc to create and run anything.

Use of Visionary Justice

A Visionary Justice is a Principle which is the base of practice. Without Principle, no Practice can successfully be run. Principle based practice always gives the results accordingly. If the principle is true & real, then the practice will produce the good Results. But the untrue & unreal principle always produces the bad Results.

A Visionary Justice is a principle for every practice in any Social & National System. Therefore, Justice is known as the Religion of Society & Nation. The National Court is known as a Temple of Justice. The True & Real Justice (Nyayadhish) is the God (Deveta) of Society and Nation. The Truely literate people can understand that the vision can be accepted as Supreme God and Judgment is the order of God. And the Justifiable Rules & Regulations, Laws & Policies are the Godious (Divine) Directions. The Justifiable Constitution is the Godius (Divine) book, which is the base of National Religion. The acceptance of the Justifiable Constitution is the Godious (Divine) Discipline and the basic symptoms of True & Real Religiousness.




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